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Stars with a cause

May 22nd, 2009

From traveling the world to playing gigs, many celebrities parlay fame into opportunities to help others. The charity work means even more when it grows out of a personal connection, as these celebrities found. How does it feel to reach out and help others? These celebs share and tell.

Courtney Cox : Raising awareness of an incurable disease


Courtney has partnered with The Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation ( ), which raises money to find a cure for the rare genetic condition that primarily affects children.

Usher : Bringing displaced families back home


The R&B star has launched Usher’s New Look ( ), which is helping to resettle 1,000 families in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and Rita. “Every time I’ve been to New Orleans, I’ve taken the time to roll up my sleeves and help,” he says.

Lee Sinje : Giving hope to kids


A long time World Vision child sponsor who’s known for her work in helping underprivileged kids receive education. Malaysian actress Lee Sinje says, ” We must remind ourselves that nothing is too big to overcome or that we are never too small to bring about significant changes. Seemingly small measures can make a dramatic difference in the lives of the needy.”

Reese Witherspoon : Empowering women


” I think we all know people who have been touched by domestic violence, whether it’s your mother, sister or girlfriend. I personally know many people who have dealt with the situation and I think it’s important to stress that there are ways to talk about it.” The 32-year-old Oscar winner recently launched the Women’s Empowerment necklace, designed to save and improve women’s lives worldwide. “This necklace is a way to take action and demonstrate solidarity to reduce the epidemic of violence against women.

Charlize Theron : Ending violence against women


The actress is the newest UN Messenger of Peace for her work in ending violence towards women. “This is something that has been dear to me and disturbing to me for a long time.” At 15, Charlize witnessed her mother fatally shoot her physically abusive father in self-defence.

Eva Mendes : Helping sick kids cope through the art of therapy


Eva donates her time and talents to The Art of Elysium ( which pairs critically ill kids with actors and musicians. “I give these kids every ounce of love I have, and in return I get the same thing.”

Hollywood’s latest gizmo

December 29th, 2008

Living in LA makes me learn a lot of things. In LaLa Land it always has to be the next new thing. Things are moving so fast here and so does the technique to make you become prettier. When someone discover some stuff here in Hollywood, God forbid it’s five minutes old or someone else has heard of it. But in most places in the world no one has ever heard about it. When I strolled down the hills, I saw the words Gyrotonics. I was like ” what the heck does that means ? ”


Gyrotonics is actually the latest body-sculpting craze. The users have to use hand and foot-operated pulleys and weight – resistance bands to operate this contraption, which looks more like a torture machine than a workout equipment.


Gyrotonics combines yoga, tai chi, and swimming. It leans out your muscles and is gentle on your joints. It  benefits those with back, neck or shoulders problems, arthritis or sports injuries as well as the elderly especially those who finds basic mobility hard.

The exercises are performed on the Gyrotonic tower, which uses pulleys and weights to create resistance.

The tower is designed to hold the body-weight, enabling the user to let go of tension. This in turn strengthens the deeper, internal muscles used for posture and stability, while lengthening and toning the outer muscles to give a leaner physique and better flexibility.

The weight resistance gives a feeling of moving in water, allowing the body to move in a natural and flowing way.

The combination of spiral movements – which are incorporated throughout the whole body, working in harmony with the breath – helps to create a feeling of freeness, lightness and balance – almost like performing a dance! This in turn produces a greater clarity of mind.

A few stars have been practicing and they are the big fan of gyrotonics. Among those that I know of are Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Teri Hatcher and Kim Cattrall.


Madonna still hot eventhough reaches 50 years old.

kim-cattrall_nissan_w_11 Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City age 52 years old.

teri_daughter1 I don’t even know she has a teenage daughter.

Trust me they are hot even when they are almost 50s and pass that age.OMG! They are still hot! I hope I will be able to look like these hot mamas when I reach their age.

hotmom ( Wish I can put that shirt on my daughter one day )

You should try gyrotonics and if there’s no gyrotonics centre in your place, go for a pilates class at least once a week. Trust me, it makes you feel darn good.


You feel relieved, your muscles becomes more tone and after 2-3 classes, you will feel that your flexibility improves. You should give yourself a try.