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Cash vs credit cards

July 15th, 2009


If paying for goods causes pain in the brain, credit cards are aspirin. Unfortunately, cards also create bigger headaches later on.

When you pay in cash, you see your wallet getting thinner. But when you use a credit card, the spending is abstract and that makes you trigger happy.

In one experiment at MIT, subjects were asked to bid on tickets to a sold-out Bolton Celtics game. Half were told to pay with cash, the other half could use credit cards. Shockingly, they found that bids were twice as high among the group that thought they would use credit cards.

Using cash is the number one antidote to overspending, according to experts. If you do pay with a credit card, beware of the trap I’ve already got this debt, so it won’t matter if I pile on more. Prelec compares it to the diet blowing excuse I ate one piece, so I may as well eat the whole cake.

You better shop around

July 15th, 2009


The image of an angel and a devil sitting on a person’s shoulders is not a bad metaphor for shopping.

Using brain scans, researchers have shown that the nucleus accumbens, an area associated with pleasure and reward, lightens up as people consider a purchase, while the insula, a structure that plays an important role in pain, is activated when they think about the cost.

Two brain areas compete with each other to determine whether you will buy something. Your typical tightwad feels the pain of paying for things more acutely. Spendthrifts may not register it enough.

Buying a lot in one store can decrease your sensitivity to the pain of cost. You hit the what-the-heck-effect. For example, you’ve spent $200; what’s another $20 for a T-shirt? Perhaps, the best way is going to various stores for different purchases.

Find your perfect jeans

June 10th, 2009


Everything you need to know about shopping for these all-rounded staples.

Six jeans boo boos

These are the most common mistakes women make when wearing jeans.

  • THE GOOF : MUFFIN TOP The fix : Don’t wear jeans with waistbands that cut into your sides causing a ‘spillover’. Either you’re wearing it too low for your body shape or it is a tad too tight.
  • THE GOOF : BACK CLEAVAGE The fix : Your jeans should fit properly and that means no unsightly back cleavage peeking out. If you find that your jeans slide down too much at the back when you bend over , the cut does not suit you.
  • THE GOOF : ODD WASHES The fix :  The wash of your jeans should look pleasing overall. Odd washes that combine two or more shades should be avoided. The creases should also follow the same rule. Too much of it just looks tacky.

  • THE GOOF : OVER-EMBELLISHMENT The fix : A few studs here and there are fine. It’s when embellishments run from the top, down the length of the leg that is too much. Tassels, all-over sequins and too much lace should be avoided at all costs.

  • THE GOOF : UNFLATTERING CUTS The fix : Pick the styles that suit your body shape. There’s nothing worse than wearing jeans that doesn’t flatter your figure.

  • THE GOOF : WRONG LENGTH The fix : Always make sure that the length is perfect for your. If you’re wearing heels, they should end an inch above the floor but if you’re wearing flats, make sure they don’t sweep the floor. If your jeans are too long, have them tailored to your desired length instead of folding up the legs.

The final say on buying jeans….

Before you go jeans shopping

OMG girls! Consider your body shape. Identifyyour body shape and areas that you wish to conceal with the right cut. For example, big bums can be hidden with big pockets.

While you are at the store

Please please please select an appropriate style. Apple shapes should go for straight cuts to balance out your frame while pear shapes should opt for boot cut. Petite frames on the other hand looks great with skinny jeans to lengthen the legs.

Decide on a color wash. Dark washes usually complement any body shape. Lighter washes are best left to thin body shapes.

Once you’re in the fitting room

Look at yourself in the mirror from all angles. Pay attention to how the jeans fits you in and at the back. It should be a snug fit all around.

Purchase a pair that is slightly tighter. This is because jeans tend to expand just a little (about 1-2cm) with frequent washes. Be careful not to buy a pair that is too tight to avoid looking like a muffin top.

Give it a trial run. I always try to sit, bend over, squat and walk whenever I try a new pair. This is to ensure the jeans allow s you to do all that without unnecessary peeking or excessive tugging.

Comfort above all else. I know women hardly do this. Besides looking good, the important rule is to feel comfortable. There’s no point in buying a pair that makes you fidget all day.


If you are an online shopper, you might wanna know this.

If you are an online shopper, you might wanna know this.