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RED on the red carpet

January 22nd, 2010

No red carpet event goes by without at least one celebrity doing the rouge lip thin.Here is my favourites.

How it all began…

The story of how range took over the world.

60 BC is a known year that the Egyptians of ancient Mesopotamia,like Cleopatra,sported red lips.They crushed semi-precious jewels and applied the powder to their lips,and,occasionally around the eyes too!

Late 1500s , red lipstick only became popular in the western world during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1,who often tattooed her lips black and wore yellow face paint as a fashion statement.Lipstick was made from a blend of beeswax and red pigments from plants.

1770 , by this time red lipstick had grown a reputation;it was thought that any woman wearing it could be involved in witchcraft.In fact,the British Parliament passed a law againts it!Queen Victoria said,it was impolite to wear any make up at all.

The red lipsticks MUST own !

Make-up tricks: Juicy Lips

May 24th, 2009


If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, you may wake up the next day with dry lips. Wiping lips with a warm, damp cloth  helps remove dead skin. Apply lip balm and lipstick or gloss with lips-plumping ingredients. It’s also handy to keep moisturising wet wipes in your bag so you can remove lipstick and start again. This season, the best lip colors are fresh corals and terracota shades.

Rate your bum

April 16th, 2009


Try to use this fanny formula to determine your derriere’s overall appeal. From the marginally scientific but totally entertaining. In 2006, David Holmes, Ph. D., a leading psychologist in the U.K., devised this methematical formula for defining the “perfect female ass.” Dig out your calculator, here it is :

REAR RATING = [(S+C) X (B+F) / T] – V

S : Overall shape – rate 1 to 5

1= Deflated beach ball

5= Volleyball

C: Cheek circularity – Rate 1 to 4

1= Croissant

4= Grapefruit

B: Bounciness – Rate 1 to 5

1= Jinggles like Jell-O

5= Rebounds like a rubber band

F: Firmness – Rate 1 to 4

1= Marshmallow

4= Bounce a quarter off it

T : Texture – Rate 4 to 1*

4= Crater Island

1= Bambino-smooth

V: Vertical Ratio – Rate 4 to 1*

4= Upside-down heart

1= Right-side-up heart

For T and V, 1 is the best.

If you scored 80 or close to it, your buttocks are virtually perfect a la Kylie Minogue, whose tush Holmes’s focus groups deemed a perfect 80. If you scored below 40, get your butt in gear and retest yourself after working your butt out for a month.


perfect 10!


sexy back huh, justin?