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All about Eva

June 21st, 2009
Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria isn’t one to skip the good stuff. “I eat brownies all the time, I even bake them.” she says, stuffing a huge wedge of cake in her mouth. “Yellow cake mix and chocolate frosting. Is there anything better?”

A down-to-earth beauty, Longoria is the type who has her carbohydrates and eats them, too. “Don’t get on me,” she says with a laugh. “I work out like a mad woman, so I deserve a few brownies. All women deserve a few brownies! I work out three to four times a week.My trainer kicks my ass. I live in the Hollywood Hills, so it’s very inclined,” she moans.

loves brownies.....

loves brownies.....

“We do lunges while walking up the hill and then we’ll run up to the next hill and then do squats up to the next. I do this early in the morning, and the entire time I’m thinking, ‘Why, oh why did I leave my pillow? I wish I could just sleep.’”

Fitness routine tips

January 13th, 2009

This plan works because it’s easy to follow, plenty of variety and it gives you exactly what you need in order to get the body you want. Each week, do the Body weight circuit twice to firm up stubborn wobbles and try to mix it up with either one of these exercise I will mention later on alternate day.

A MUST DO : Body weight circuit

Do 3 sets of each exercise ( in this order ) twice a week.

  • Press – ups x 15 reps

feels like in the army training... LOL

feels like in the army training... LOL

  • Step – ups x 15 reps


  • Plank for 1 minute

this strengthen your core muscles

this strengthen your core muscles

  • Squats x 15 reps

lower! and lower!

lower! and lower!

  • Lunges x 15 reps


Do one of these activities once a week

High Intensity

  • Running ( 3 minutes fast, then 1 minute slow, repeat 5 times.


  • Cycling ( 25 minutes hard resistance then rest for a minute go for light resistance for 10 minutes )
  • Body pump class ( 45 minutes )


  • Skipping ( 20 minutes at the rate that make you out of breath )

Medium intensity

  • Swimming ( 30 – 45 minutes )


  • Light jogging or power walk 20 minutes
  • Cross trainer ( 20 – 30 minutes on medium level like at the intensity level of 5 – 7 ).

Low intensity

  • Walking for 60 minutes
  • Pilates or yoga for 60 minutes


  • Dancing for 60 minutes


Celebrity sexy bumps and legs

December 27th, 2008

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

I caught a glimpseĀ  of myself in a full-length mirror at the mall yesterday and introduced my credit card to a nice place called fitness outlet. I was there to find dumbbell and ankle straps.

I’m not satisfied with my thigh and my butt. They are a little bit ‘ ginormous ‘ … So, I decided to do more lunges and squats as normally my trainer asked me to do these exercises.But I need some extra weight to do these workout to make it more effective.

Anybody who wants to have glutes like J.Lo, Beyonce’s bumps or legs like Charlize Theron. Let’s get to work now!

jennifer-lopez-butt1 beyonce00-1


However, I haven’t master all the tech to make a vid or something similar but you guys can watch how to do lunges , dumbell squats and leg raises.

For beginners, do these exercises 12 times ( 1 set ) for 3 sets each.

Then you all can increase the repetitions or set or increase the weight of the dumbbell. Start with small like 3lbs or 5lbs then more as you go by.

Good luck everyone! Alright, I gotta get moving. I want to do my exercises!

Here’s how you do lunges: