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Diamonds- A girl’s best friend

May 25th, 2009


Diamond pieces are arguably still the most popular choice when it comes to bridal jewelery. It is after all an enduring symbol of love.




A well-cut diamond will reflect light from side-to-side, back to the eye so it seems to dazzle with fiery brilliance. If the stone is cut too shallow, light escapes through the bottom; if it’s too deep then light escapes through the sides. In both instances the diamond will loose its sparkle.



Carat is the standard measure of a diamond’s weight so the larger the diamond, the higher its carat. However, size isn’t everything as two diamonds of the same carat can still look very different depending on their cut, clarity and color.



Diamonds come in a myriad of colors from colorless to yellowish and brownish to the really rare like pink, blue, green, red and so on. In general, the more colorless a diamond, the higher its value because it allows light to pass through easily, dispersing a rainbow of colors upon exit.

However, that doesn’t mean fancy colored diamonds are worthless! Natural colored diamonds are rare and therefore more expensive than colorless diamonds.



Natural imperfections in diamonds are called ‘inclusions’. The lesser the inclusions, the more valuable the diamond. A stone will be graded according to the size, number, position, nature and color of these inclusions. Clarity also refers to transparency. A good stone should not be milky or cloudy because this will limit the amount of light it can reflect.



Commonly confused with the cut of the stone, shape refers to the appearance of the diamond. The common shapes are round, princess, trilliant, heart, oval,emerald, marquise and radiant. The round diamond is the most traditional and popular of all diamond shapes around the world. It gives out the best fire and scintillation compared to other cuts.


Choosing the right setting to flaunt your stone is a matter of personal preference but there are certain limiting factors. The shape of the stone will narrow the field in terms of settings, since settings are designed with a particular shape in mind.

Some factors you’ll need to consider include the design of the band, number and combination of  stones and overall style. Personally, I believe the diamond should always be the center of attraction. The setting should be simple to show off the diamond to its best effect.

As diamonds are traditionally valued for the degree of whiteness, white metals such as platinum or white gold with claw or pron settings are most flattering. The claw settings bring out the brilliance of the gemstone.


A perfect wedding ring by Tiffany & Co.

A perfect wedding ring by Tiffany & Co.

Diamonds may be the hardest material on earth but that doesn’t mean it won’t be damaged. Avoid knocking against hard surfaces as this can cause chipping. For a thorough cleaning, drop your diamond off at a jeweller, who will use an ultrasonic cleanser to shake off accumulated dirt. If the stone is worn regularly, have it cleaned every three to six months; otherwise, a yearly cleaning would be sufficient. Store each diamond piece separately in sift pouches to avoid scratches or damage.

A man & woman: The courtship

April 22nd, 2009


Ah, the excitement, the chase, the mystery. Courtship is actually a very analytical step in every relationship. It s when a couple gets to know each other better but like most new things, uncertainty ususally sets in. Doubt in oneself and in the partner creeps in, especially when he or she spots another attractive looking individual and feels guilty about it. “Am I losing the passion?” he/she wonders without realizing that this is actually normal for everyone.

The key to a meaningful relationship during courtship is intimacy and passion. Now if the man or woman loses interest in this matter, it can pull them even further apart. To be intimate, a couple has to be open about their problems and doubts. Women especially, tend to keep mum in a relationship rather than talk for fear of ruining the passion. There is real pain, however, when a relationship ends without being open about it in the first place.

When you’re sexy to men?

January 15th, 2009

Honestly, I don’t know until I did some reading. I thought when women wear sexy stuff like lingerie or bikini, that is the time men find them sexier or perhaps when they are naked. I was wrong. Based on my surveys, men doesn’t find them sexy because there’s no more ‘ part ‘ to be revealed. The excitement has lost it appeals.

Forget about heavy barbie – doll make ups and spanx pants or even smooth shaved legs – sometimes it seems, us gals have just got it going on!


The science of sex has long been pondered by Mensa types and some studies by others on attraction and love. These are four most valuable lessons every woman can learn about what makes her undeniably sexy to men.


Women who sent out ‘ courtship signal ‘ ( hair – flipping ) were  approached by men more compare to the non – flippers. So girls, you don’t have to try hard to make a guy notice you out of the groove . You don’t have to compete with the extroverts at the parties, try signalling on a solitory man at an art gallery or at a coffee shop. That may be where you shine.

She got natural vibes!

She got natural vibes!


Something to celebrate all average jane out there! Guys don’t wish we looked like catwalk models. Researchers at University of Texas, several men drawings of female body types and most of them draw curvy, medium – weight figure most attractive.

On stupid say no to all food diet

On stupid say no to all food diet


Female volunteers were asked to wear one T – shirt while ovulating and another during the non – fertile phase in a studies. Men were asked to sniff the T – shirts and guess what ?? They preferred the ones worn during ovulation without knowing why. The reason behind this is oestrogen which surges just before ovulation that promotes healthy glow, so your body is signalling to men ” Hey handsome, it’s baby – making time! ”

She's ovulating

She's ovulating


Researchers showed a set of photos to people who knew the subjects, then to volunteers who didn’t. Those who knew and liked the people in the picture found them better looking. In conclusion, the studies proved the more we know someone, the more attractive we find them. So the more a man loves you, the sexier you are to him. Giddy up girls!

loves you? LOL

loves you? LOL