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Do the hoop

July 19th, 2009

For someone who admits she’s “chunky”, how does Beyonc√© achieve that shapely, curvy body?


Besides doing weight training and cardio, the “Bootylicious” singer also likes to hula-hoop. Believe it or not, rocking your body with a weighted hoop can burn around 500 calories an hour and works all major muscle groups especially the stomach, hips and waist.

Check out Hooping

You can find tips on how to pick the right size hula-hoop for you and how you can get started.

Celebrity sexy bumps and legs

December 27th, 2008

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

I caught a glimpse  of myself in a full-length mirror at the mall yesterday and introduced my credit card to a nice place called fitness outlet. I was there to find dumbbell and ankle straps.

I’m not satisfied with my thigh and my butt. They are a little bit ‘ ginormous ‘ … So, I decided to do more lunges and squats as normally my trainer asked me to do these exercises.But I need some extra weight to do these workout to make it more effective.

Anybody who wants to have glutes like J.Lo, Beyonce’s bumps or legs like Charlize Theron. Let’s get to work now!

jennifer-lopez-butt1 beyonce00-1


However, I haven’t master all the tech to make a vid or something similar but you guys can watch how to do lunges , dumbell squats and leg raises.

For beginners, do these exercises 12 times ( 1 set ) for 3 sets each.

Then you all can increase the repetitions or set or increase the weight of the dumbbell. Start with small like 3lbs or 5lbs then more as you go by.

Good luck everyone! Alright, I gotta get moving. I want to do my exercises!

Here’s how you do lunges: