NEON no go !

February 20th, 2010 by Giselle Leave a reply »

Through bright shades are pretty and fun , they are not for all occasions ! Here are some instances :

No Go 1 :

Anytime when the sun is still high , sparkly bright make-up looks great at a party but worn during the day on a coffee run to the cafe can look a tad bit crappy and maybe desperate !

No go 2 :

Going for job interviews , meeting a new client or attending official government-related functions . The last thing you want is for them to judge you based on the pink neon mascaras you have on .

No go 3 :

When you have a big zit on your face . As bright shades draw attention to the face , you’ll be inviting the world to stare at your blemish . It’s best to go neutral until after the inflammation has subsided and dissapeared .


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