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A little bit of powder , a little bit of paint … but at what cost ? Look closely at what’s lurking in your make-up bag .

Hmmm … Do you ever think about what cosmetics you are putting on your face beyond whether the colour matches your outfit or eyes ?

You may be surprised when you realise what your make-up contains . Coal tar colours , benzene , even formaldehyde , are just a few of the synthetic chemicals commonly found in everyday cosmetics .These toxins are , of course , absorbed into your skin every time you use conventional eye shadow , foundation , maskara , blusher , and lipstick . It has even been claimed that some of substances confuse hormone receptors and alter cell structure . If you avoid unpleasant chemicals in your diet then it makes sense to also try and avoid them , wherever possible , when you are choosing your make-up .

The Alternatives …

There are organic alternatives available for almost anything , and new companies are being set up all the time to fulfil growing demand . A growing number of manifacturers do not use synthetic or petroleum derived ingredients  , GMO ingredients or irradiated products . They use organic ingredients and do not use animal or animal slaughter by products .

Greenpeople stock a range of certified organic lipsticks , using organic coconut oil , jojoba oil and cupuacu butter ( the produce of tropical rainforest tree similar to cacao ) . Nvey Eco UK have a fabulous range of organic make-up with a wide variety of colours . If you carry out an internet search , you will find many other alternatives available , such as LoveLula , Logona and Suncoat .

But … The problem is that , at present , most of this organic make-up is not available in high-street stores , but actually has to be bought online . That removes the pleasureable buzz of looking at new colours and samples , and makes it harder to choose appropriate colours . Life’s hard without a range of testers in front of you ! However , it’s worth it in the long run to know that you have bought quality make-up containing safe ingredients. I make a point of asking where the organic make-up is in shops so that they know there is a demand for organic products . It hasn’t worked yet , but if we all ask , we’ll get there !


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