Easy Way To Lose A Pound In A Week

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Simple food swaps , cutting back on high calorie treats and pushing yourself to be a little more active can help you achieve realistic , long-term weight loss . Mix & match these tips & you will look and feel more slimmer with minimum effort .

Say no to crisps

This is one of the most popular snacks , but a regular 40 g bag has around 200 g of fat . Even lighter versions come in at slightly over half of that amount.So if you stopped having a bag each day at work , you’d save at least 500 calories a week .

Avoid large portions

A large burger , fries and fizzy drink will beasily stack up to 1000 calories , if not slightly more . If you can’t cut them out , at least opt for the regular or small sizes which will cut the calories in half .

Watch what you drink

On a night out , three 175 ml glasses of white wine will cost you nearly 400 calories . Three spritzers will be half that . A half pint of stronger lager clocks up around 160 calories , while a half ordinary strength is about 80 calories . Steer clear of cocktails too – a pina colada is easily 225 calories , while a vodka & slimline is just 60 .

On your bike

Eco-friendly , fun and jolly good exercise , an hour’s cycling should take care nearly 500 calories .

Sandwich swap

If you have a little low fat salad cream in your lunchtime sandwich instead of lashings of butter , you could save up to 500 calories during your working week .

Rethink your Saturday night take-away

Choose chicken chow mein and boiled rice over sweet and sour chicken and fried rice , you’ll save around 500 calories .

Walk more

If you walk to work , the shops or just for fun ( but at a reasonably brisk pace ) you’ll burn up around 250 calories an hour .

Wash the car

Save money & burn energy by valeting your car . Wash it , polish it & vacuum it inside and you’ll use up a few hundred calories .

Have a skinnier coffee

You could save yourself 170 calories if you opted for a regular white coffee , made with skimmed milk , rather than a cappucino made with full fat milk .

Party snacks

Think such small little nibbles don’t count ? If you had two tablespoons of tzatziki dip that would add up to 40 calories . Two tablespoons of taramasalata , however , is 130 calories . Thick meat pate on French bread can cost you about 250 calories , whereas a small helping of smoked salmon on rye bread is mere 130 calories . A cocktail sausage is around 70 calories . Wrap it in pastry & serve it as a sausage roll & you’re looking at 200 calories .


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