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Bedroom Tricks

February 6th, 2010

Want a really raunchy relationship?You need a bedroom to match.We’ll help you create a retreat from the rest of the world,a haven from household hassles,an oasis from office stress.

It’s hard to pursue private passions if you’re tiptoeing round the laundry basket or in danger of upsetting a Reader’s Digest mountain.Makeover your bedroom,then make out in style.

What does your bedroom say about your relationship?Is it warm and inviting?Dramatic ,wih no-holds-barred colour?Fresh,clean and confident?Or cluttered,messy and stuck in another era of your lives?

Turn your bedroom into a boudoir.For a bedroom that’s vibrant and exhilarating,commanding yet calm,the trick is to think sassy,not trashy.Think wrought iron four-poster bed,crushed velvet scatter cushions and antique candelabras rather than PVC sheets,red light bulbs and mirrors on the ceiling.And not a hint of chintz.

Exploit the position of your bedroom.For instance,if it’s south facing,avoid heavy curtains and opt for lighter billowy drapes to enjoy opaque morning light seeping into your lives as you wake.If you’ve only got a small room,cultivate a cosy,intimate feel with intense colours and quirky lanterns.

If you yearn for a room that’s decadent and enticing,go for an ornate style,with voluptous velvets.Whatever styles you choose,crisp cotton bed sheets are essential.Some people like the thought of silk,but you’ll find your partner slipping away from you.For sensual bliss,think textures and layers.Could you put velvet,silk or fur throws over those crisp cotton sheets?

Pastel colours teamed with silver and white accessories create a dreamy and tranquil haven.You mighjt like to hang some vintage wallpaper,or a modern imitation.Either way,pick out one or two key colours and use them in your soft furnishings.Jazz up junk shop finds with distressed paint techniques,or show off a sexy dress on a tailor’s dummy.Antique hatboxes or designer luggage are glamorous storage solutions.A chest of draper’s drawers makes a stunning showcase for lingerie and linens.

If you think boudoirs are all about Barbie dolls and candy floss,forget it.Your bedroom doesn’t have to be curlingly frilly or feminine;burdoirs can be butch.How about painting the walls with manly denim and silver stripes,or deep Morrocan blues to match mosaic-topped bedside tables,accessorised with Moorish mirrors?or for something more fiery,why not take inspiration from the Arabian Nights?Spice-coloured saris,which you can buy in a specialist sari shop or online,come in a fantastic range of colours and lush fabrics.Use them as throws over the bed.Draw inspiration from the jewel colours of the Far East and paint one wall in deep cerise,scarlet or fuchsia.If you paint the other walls a lighter shade,it will stop them closing in on you.Or go gothic,with black framed pictures and mirrors,and tall,ornate candlesticks.But no gargoyles or you’ll end up with a bedroom that’s more Hammer House of Horror than period allure.

Makes Scents

Use smell to carry the theme through.Scented candles,oil burners or incense can all be utilised to float soothing scents around your burdoir.Next time you wash your bedsheets,add a few drops of lavender oil to the rinse cycle.

Animal Magic

If you’re a wild tiger or glamour puss at heart,scatter some fake animal fur print cushions or invest in a pretend leopard rug.Don’t take it too far though.The leopard print posing pouches are best left in the joke shop.

Sounds Good

If you don’t have music piped into your bedroom,keep a basic CD player close to the bed,with a few favourite albums to hand.It doesn’t need to be all-singing and dancing,but a continuous play button comes in useful.

Light Up Your Life

You already know a neon strip light is a bad idea and probably already have pink-toned light bulbs in your bedroom.But for a magical night,nothing compares to the glow from a candlelit chandelier.

Wedded Bliss

January 21st, 2010

Been together for a long time?Yep,so long  you’ve given up trying to change your other half.Well,that’s not good for marital bliss.

Whatever we can do as the years roll by,we shouldn’t ever give up on our partners.Even after all this time,your husband will still be easy to change – no,not for a new one!

Okay,there are some things that five years into your marriage you think:”Well.those things will never change now.”And fifteen years in,you’re thinking:”My fault – I shouldn’t have accepted that in the first place.”Think again because that’s notso.A great marriage needs regular reinvention to keep it freshcand keeping on sorting out these kinds of issues does exactly that.Regular influencing is a great way to a healthy marriage.

The thing you’ve got to get out of your mind is that because it has been like this for a long time (and that’s a relative term,of course:t doesn’t really matter whether we are talking five,ten or fifteen years,or even longer),it’s therefore fixed;it’s stuck and you’re doomed to put with it.’Long time’ does not equal ‘can’t change’.Individuals change all the time.It’s certain you’ve changed a lot over the past ten years,so why can’t two people agree to make combined changes after all this time?They can.

Firstly,give a bit of thought to the change we really want: what do we really need to influence?Is it actually that he reads the newspaper ar the breakfast table or that you never seem to talk any more?Is it actually thatshe’s always out at various committee meetings or that it seems impossible to go out to a film or the theatre like you used to?So trace back the symptoms to the cause.Remember that many areas that require influencing revolve around money or sex (or both) but they are usually the symptom not the cause.

Here’s the big idea:keep talking.Once you have identified the real issue (e.g. not planning for retirement) and not been distracted by symptoms (e.g. money arguments),then you need to talk it through and agree a plan.That can only happen if you have time to talk.Whatever happens:keep talking.Never ever lose ‘the thing’ hat keeps you talking .And don’t just talk about the shopping or kids school reports:talk about you – fundamental stuff – in a non-rushed environment.We can’ t tell you how or when but we are betting you are intelligent enough to do that.So make it happen.

It;s all about maintaining the emotional bank account.We all have one,just like our financial bank account.We have them with each other.The question is,are we making loads of deposits into the account (by being polite,being responsive,being helpful,being loyal) or are we making undue numbers of withdrawals (by being judgemental,rude,talking behind their backs)?

If we are making plenty of deposits,the relationship can take the occasional with withdrawals.But if it’s been all withdrawals,the occasional deposit has little impact.Makes sense,doesn’t it?

Hollywood glamor inspired wedding gown

May 25th, 2009

Need ideas for your wedding gown? Let these celebrities’ red carpet dresses inspire you.



Bar looks absolutely stunning as she shows off her tanned, toned arms in this gorgeous tube dress. If you’re more of a pear shape, then this dress is great for you as it diverts attention  away from the hip area by placing the spotlight on the shoulders and arms.

The inspired wedding gown


Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

Look like a fairy tale princess in this extravagant gown! The big skirt and long train immediately transform the look to dreamy and romantic. If you’ve got a less than flat stomach, this big dress is also great  to divert attention away from your abdomen area.

The inspired gown



Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Ever so elegant, Nicole Kidman stops traffic in her stunning dress. The high neck, flowing gown accentuates slim, boyish figure at all the right places, creating illusions of feminine curves.

The inspired gowns




Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

This tight-fitting dress certainly flatters Cameron’s slim silhouette. This is just perfect for those who are slim but have less than toned arms. The dress flatters the figure while the shoulder wraparound conceals the arms. Brides-to-be with firm torsos and perky buttocks, show off your assets in this tight-fitting dress.

The inspired gown



Cate Blanchett

For brides who are worried that a tube may give way in the hustle and bustle of the day, a toga gown would be ideal to show some skin without any worries! Also a great design for brides with sculpted shoulders and toned arms like Ms. Blanchett.

The inspired gown


Vera Wang