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Big Bad Belly Bulge

January 10th, 2010

If anyone still obese at this moment, stay strong.

Come one gals, get ya spirit high…it’s early January and you are in 2010 for godsake….

Make your goal clear that this year, you’re going to shed that fluffy fat from your tummy and you promise yourself that you are going to workout at least 45mins a day.

If you’re noticing the extra padding on your belly, hitting the gym could seriously save your life.

Besides, it helps you to look SEXY and LEAN!

Extra fat in your belly could potentially raises insulin levels which may cause cells well, both healthy and unhealthy lining in the colon cancer risk.

To top that, extra body fat means more oestrogen circulating in your system and that is a red flag for breast cancer.

So get your sweat pants on and start running!

Be more productive at work

July 20th, 2009
From this...

From this...




Prepare a list

Begin your week with a list of things to do, stay on track with your top priorities throughout the week as more impromptu stuff comes in .

Have a regular work out routine

Being fit keeps your energy levels high and you will feel fresh and positive throughout the day.

This being said means making exercise a priority, not something you do only when you “have the time”.

Remove clutter from your desk

Organize your physical files, stationery as well as your e-mail inbox.

Searching for items is a total waste of time.

Have time lines for each project

Time lines keep you on track of what you have done, where you are at and most importantly where you are headed.


Trying to get everything done at the same time makes you lose focus and you land up doing less, but in more time.

Understand the difference between “Important” and “Urgent” then you should be able to work on your top priorities first.

Good luck!

Shake up your child’s breakfast

April 15th, 2009


Breakfast provides food for the brain after a night of sleep. The nutrients consumed at breakfast gives your children the energy they need to concentrate while in school, that in turn enables them to retain what is taught.

But many kids skip breakfast in the morning because they are either in a hurry or simply not hungry. This is not a healthy move. These children should be made to consume a simple protein shake.

These shakes should ideally comprise milkĀ  (soy, cow or goat), protein powder, ground flax seeds or flaxseed oil and fruits of choice like blueberries or bananas.