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Bedroom Tricks

February 6th, 2010

Want a really raunchy relationship?You need a bedroom to match.We’ll help you create a retreat from the rest of the world,a haven from household hassles,an oasis from office stress.

It’s hard to pursue private passions if you’re tiptoeing round the laundry basket or in danger of upsetting a Reader’s Digest mountain.Makeover your bedroom,then make out in style.

What does your bedroom say about your relationship?Is it warm and inviting?Dramatic ,wih no-holds-barred colour?Fresh,clean and confident?Or cluttered,messy and stuck in another era of your lives?

Turn your bedroom into a boudoir.For a bedroom that’s vibrant and exhilarating,commanding yet calm,the trick is to think sassy,not trashy.Think wrought iron four-poster bed,crushed velvet scatter cushions and antique candelabras rather than PVC sheets,red light bulbs and mirrors on the ceiling.And not a hint of chintz.

Exploit the position of your bedroom.For instance,if it’s south facing,avoid heavy curtains and opt for lighter billowy drapes to enjoy opaque morning light seeping into your lives as you wake.If you’ve only got a small room,cultivate a cosy,intimate feel with intense colours and quirky lanterns.

If you yearn for a room that’s decadent and enticing,go for an ornate style,with voluptous velvets.Whatever styles you choose,crisp cotton bed sheets are essential.Some people like the thought of silk,but you’ll find your partner slipping away from you.For sensual bliss,think textures and layers.Could you put velvet,silk or fur throws over those crisp cotton sheets?

Pastel colours teamed with silver and white accessories create a dreamy and tranquil haven.You mighjt like to hang some vintage wallpaper,or a modern imitation.Either way,pick out one or two key colours and use them in your soft furnishings.Jazz up junk shop finds with distressed paint techniques,or show off a sexy dress on a tailor’s dummy.Antique hatboxes or designer luggage are glamorous storage solutions.A chest of draper’s drawers makes a stunning showcase for lingerie and linens.

If you think boudoirs are all about Barbie dolls and candy floss,forget it.Your bedroom doesn’t have to be curlingly frilly or feminine;burdoirs can be butch.How about painting the walls with manly denim and silver stripes,or deep Morrocan blues to match mosaic-topped bedside tables,accessorised with Moorish mirrors?or for something more fiery,why not take inspiration from the Arabian Nights?Spice-coloured saris,which you can buy in a specialist sari shop or online,come in a fantastic range of colours and lush fabrics.Use them as throws over the bed.Draw inspiration from the jewel colours of the Far East and paint one wall in deep cerise,scarlet or fuchsia.If you paint the other walls a lighter shade,it will stop them closing in on you.Or go gothic,with black framed pictures and mirrors,and tall,ornate candlesticks.But no gargoyles or you’ll end up with a bedroom that’s more Hammer House of Horror than period allure.

Makes Scents

Use smell to carry the theme through.Scented candles,oil burners or incense can all be utilised to float soothing scents around your burdoir.Next time you wash your bedsheets,add a few drops of lavender oil to the rinse cycle.

Animal Magic

If you’re a wild tiger or glamour puss at heart,scatter some fake animal fur print cushions or invest in a pretend leopard rug.Don’t take it too far though.The leopard print posing pouches are best left in the joke shop.

Sounds Good

If you don’t have music piped into your bedroom,keep a basic CD player close to the bed,with a few favourite albums to hand.It doesn’t need to be all-singing and dancing,but a continuous play button comes in useful.

Light Up Your Life

You already know a neon strip light is a bad idea and probably already have pink-toned light bulbs in your bedroom.But for a magical night,nothing compares to the glow from a candlelit chandelier.

Reach out and touch

January 18th, 2010

Words are great,but your fingers can reach places language never can.Here’s our eulogy to non-verbal communication and tactile tantalisation.

We crave touch.The warmth and affection of another human being is a reward in itself.We all need strokes,emotional and physical.When did your last reach out and touch the person you love?

Let your fingers do the talking

The first touching is a sensual conversation.When you next touch your partner,wait for a reply before touching further.So if you stroke her cheek,wait until she squeezes your arm before running your finger over her eyebrows.Between people who are attracted to each other,just brushing fingertips can send shock waves.Try making little circles with your fingertips on your partner’s palm or inner elbow,or the nape of his neck.Do this at mundane times,like waiting for a bus or in the supermarket check-out queue.Then next time your partner is waiting for a bus wihout you,he’ll realise that it’s just not as much fun as when you’re there.A cunning piece of prestidigitation.


We use hugs to express lots of things,like ‘hello’,'i’m sorry’ and ‘i hope you feel better ‘.Other hugs are good for comforting or making your partner feel warm.Theraphist and relationship guru Virginia Satir believes we all need four hugs a day for survival,eight hugs a day for maintenance and twelve hugs a day for growth.There are three types of hug,but only one hug hits the spot.

The quickie

A quick grab and let go,which may be punctuated by a couple of air kisses and mwah,mwah noises.This hug’s for theatrical luvvies.

The A-frame

Huggers interlock arms and may tough shoulders,but there’s no physical contact any lower down.This one’s reserved for spinster aunts.

The full body

Wrap your arms around each other,touching from the tops of your heads down to your toes,and bump tummies in the middle.Breathe together,snuggle and sigh.This one’s the real deal.

The science hit

When non-sexual touch is neglected,we become belligerent and dejected.But why does touch make us feelĀ  so good?After prolonged touching,the hypothalamic area of the brain,which control the flight or flight response,slows down and your body’s natural euphoria-inducing chemicals – endorphins – soar,while the stress hormone cortisol dips.Massage has extra benefits as it promotes deep muscle relaxation.Neck massage has been shown to reduce depression,improve alertness and help people sleep more soundly.When you’re being touched by your beloved,your mind associates all these good feelings with them,leaving you feeling loved up and secure.If you’re going through difficult time,try to keep a hand or another part of your body in contract with your beloved.It will help you feel united.

I knead you

Hippocrates,the Greek grandfather of medicine,believed daily massage with essential oils was the key to health.We find it unlocks all sorts of sensuous pleasures and possibilities.Massage is a fantastic stress-buster,but it can also excite or invigorate.Before you switch your partner on to massage,switch off your phone.The deeply satisfying sensation is enchanced when the massage oil is heated a little.Immersing a bottle of essential oil in hot water until it reaches body temperature is ideal,but if you haven’t got time,warm some oil in your hands first.Camomile and lavenderĀ  are said to be calming,whereas ylang ylang is reportedly an aphrodisiac.Once your partner is relaxed and comfortable,work some oil into his skin.To really bliss your partner out,start with gentle,stroking movements to relax and sooth,before applying gentle pressure in places that feel tense or knotted.Change speed every now and then and try moving your hands in little circles,spreading the oil up to the earlobes and down between the toes.Take care not to miss out elbows or tickle when you massage foot soles.We suggest you leave pummeling and hacking to the pros.

Is it safe to have sex in a hot tub?

June 28th, 2009

You don’t have to worry that the bacteria or chemicals in the water will cause infections; the natural self-cleaning system will prevent that. But you do need to keep few things in mind.
Unfortunately, getting passionate in a whirlpool may lead you to soak for longer than 20 minutes, which ups your risk of dehydration and even heat stroke (hot tub temps can reach 71 degrees).
Having underwater sex for example in a hot tub may also increase your chances of getting pregnant or an STD.
Contrary to popular belief, neither the heat nor chlorine will kill sperm or infection-causing viruses. Wearing a condom isn’t a guarantee either, as water makes it more likely to slip off or break.
Finally, keep in mind that sex in a hot tub may sound a whole lot sexier than it feels. The water can dry out and irritate the vagina, so you may want to use a lubricant. Choose one that’s silicone-based because water-based lubricants will just rinse away.