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Man Power

February 18th, 2010

The mum-to-be may be the centre of attention at the moment , but that doesn’t mean that the expectant dad doesn’t have an important role , too …

Everybody is fussing over your pregnant wife and you’re probably feeling somewhat redundant . It’s your baby too and you’re probably also experiencing apprehension about the future as well as excitement about the child on its way . Your wife will be feeling a mixture of emotions right now too . Talk to each other and show your concerns . There are also a number of practical ways you can help make her pregnancy easier . Plus , she’ll love you even more for your thoughtfulness !

  1. Ease her comfort
  2. Listen to her
  3. Keep her company
  4. Bonding with your baby
  5. Making decisions together
  6. Your good health
  7. Sex
  8. Preparing for the big day
  9. Partners in labour

Nappy Go Lucky !

January 22nd, 2010

Changing a nappy

  • Make sure you have all necessary items at hand:a clean nappy,cotton balls or soft cotton cloths soaked in warm water for young babies or disposable wipes for older ones,nappy-rash ointment if necessary,and clean clothes if the previous outfit is soiled.
  • Ensure your hands are clean and have some wipes or a damp cloth at hand in case your hands get dirty halfway through,you should never leave your baby unattended on a tabletop to wash your hands.
  • place the baby on the clean surface.If you are out of the house,carry a large clean cloth or towel with you to lay on a tabletop or surface.Open up the nappy,at the front of your sides,hold the baby’s anckles with one hand,and carefuly lift him so that his lips are slightly raised and you can remove the nappy from under him.Fold the soiled part in and put aside for now.
  • Put the baby down again and clean his front with a moist cotton ball or cloth,remembering to wipe gentlly in the creases.You can also use baby wipes – damp,cloth-like tissues that you can just use and throw.Choose alcohol-free wipes,which won’t irritate the baby’s skin.
  • Lift him gently again by the anckles and use a fresh cotton ball or wipe to clean his buttocks.Also wipe the lower back and thigh.
  • Dry the baby’s front ,buttocks and creases to prevent nappy rush.Add nappy-rash cream if necessary.
  • Slide a clean nappy under him,pull up the centre between his legs and attach Velcro tabs at the side.Ensure the nappy fits.

Alert : Ensure the nappy fits snugly around the waist and is high enough at the back so it doesn’t leak.

5 Surprises for Pregnant Mamas

November 30th, 2009


Many expectants mother actually find that their sex life is enhanced while pregnant. The changing in a pregnant mum’s body increase sexual pleasure. In addition, she also has an increased blood flow to the genital area and a general feeling that things are good. Of course, many expectant mothers also said that they have a decreased desire for sex as the due date approaches, due to exhaustion and physical discomfort.


Pregnant mums may experience a slight decrease in their memory capacity. When a pregnant mother says that she is feeling scatterbrained, it may not just be psychological. Based on study, it is found that there often is memory loss during pregnancy, and that it can last up to one year after the baby is born.


Not everyone enjoys their pregnancy. While most people assume that the pregnancy is supposed to be time of great joy and excitement, some expectant mums actually experience depression during this time. There are about 10 to 20 per cent of expectant mums experience depression during their pregnancy. This can be due to the physical changes in their bodies, to the psychological apprehension that they have as the due date approaches and to other factors. If you feel yourself slipping into depression during pregnancy, make sure to speak to your spouse and to your doctor.


Many pregnant mums experience haemorrhoids during the pregnancy, especially during the last trimester. Haemorrhoids are varicose veins that are in the rectal area. They can become quite bothersome and are usually due to straining during bowel movements, to extra weight you are carrying while pregnant, or by the pressure of sitting or standing for too long. While pregnant, you should make sure that you eat a balanced diet with enough fibre, to maintain a healthy weight gain and to exercise as much as possible.


People often say that pregnant mothers glow. While this might be true for some expectant mums, others find themselves left with strange brown or yellow patches on their faces during pregnancy. As much as 70 per cent of pregnant mothers have this condition called melasma. These patches happen because the increased hormones in a pregnant mum’s body cause the body to produce more melanin. You can try to prevent this problem by using sunscreen and by avoiding UV light. Even if you do find yourself with this condition, do not worry. It will usually fade within the first few months after giving birth. These ¬†are a few of the strange pregnancy conditions that people do not discuss while pregnant.