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Simon Quits American Idol

February 6th, 2010

American Idol without Paula Abdul is survivable but the show without Simon Cowell is almost un fathomable.However despite the pleas to reconsider from fans and large sums of money being offered to him by the network,heĀ  has officially called it quits.Accordin to his statement,Simon’s decision for leaving was spurred on by his desire to launch the US version of his British hit The X Factor.Due to his contract,Fox had barred Simon from having anything to do with The X Factor.

Without a doubt Idol will not be the same without his classic put-downs and tight-fitting t-shirts but Simon is confident Idol will continue to be the No 1 show.As for a suitable replacement,Simon remarked, “Just get somebody who knows what they’re talking about.”So if Madonna or Jay-Z (who have been named as possible replacements) turn down the judge’s seat and if the show doesn’t get canned,i think you guys also have some candidates in mind to fill in for Simon.

Ke$ha taking the centre stage!

January 31st, 2010

It was just a year ago when 22-year-old Ke$ha was hanging around the studios providing back up vocals for Britney Spears in ‘Lace and Leather’ and appearing in Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ music video.While all that may sound rather glamorous,it was her uncredited vocals on Flo Rida’s hit song,’Right Round’ that led her to her big break.After earning a contract with RCA Records,the quirky girl from the Sunset Strip released her first single ‘TiK ToK’.The catchy tune is not only th reigning number one on the Billboards Singles chart,it has just broken the all-time record for downloads-in-a-week by a female artiste with a whooping 610,000 downloads.On top of that,the glittery-clad songstress debut album Animal has just entered the Top Five of the iTunes Albums chart!

Spotlight on … Norah Jones

January 23rd, 2010

When Norah Jones became an international phenomenon with her debut album Come Away With Me in 2002,few raised an eyebrow or batted am eyelid.She is,after all,the progeny of the legendary Indian sitarist,Ravi Shankar.

Born Geethali Norah Jones Shankar in1979 in New York,she grew up with her American mother,Sue Jones,in Texas.She cultivated a love for “old music”,influenced more by her mother’s record collection than by her famous father’s music,with whom she had no contact since her parents’ separation when she was very young.As a child.she learned to play several instruments,focusing on the piano then she decided to study jazz piano at the university.But the big-city jazz scebe backoned,so after two years at university,she packed her bags and left for New york,her birthplace,to see if she could cut it as a full-fledged musician.

Working in a reataurant by day and performing in clubs at night.she not only performed with various jazz groups,but also put together a demo for her work,which she distributed around without success.But it eventually vaught the attention of top jazz label Blue Not,who wasted no time in signing her up.After her hit debut album,Norah released the county music-tinged Feels Like Home and the more stripped down Not Too Late.With her good looks,she also got dabble in acting,making her debut in My Blueberry Nights,co-starring Jude Law.But music always be her primary focus.For her latest album,The Fall,she builds on the foundation of her signature jazz sound with some contemporary rock.Rest assured,it’s not a complete revamp of her music;there’s plenty of that smouldering,intimate voice to love.