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Comfort in heels

May 24th, 2009


What good is that pair of fabulous sky-high stilettos (you know, the one that stretches your legs for miles and miles) when all you can do is just sit and admire them? Relieve your feet when wearing heels with these tips:

  • Get the best fitting high heels possible. Those that cause your feet to slide to the front create more pressure and pain on your toes.
  • Invest in silicone pads. They are super shock absorbers and do wonders for the ball of your foot.
  • Wear a thicker heel for stability. It provides better balance and relieves pressure by distributing the weight on your foot more evenly.

Pay attention to the “slope” of the heel. Go for heels with some platform in front as they are easier on the arch of your foot.



Perfect fit for perfect feet

March 21st, 2009


Good shoes form an essential aspect of good foot-care practice. Our marvellous feet evolved for flexibility and strength – not to stuffed into shoes like the California roll! When people roamed the Earth barefoot 4,000 years ago, foot problems were not in the norm. Perhaps during that time people used to have thick sole…LOL :P . Today, we need shoes to protect our feet from cold, injury, disease and they are  like  clothes where you can’t go walking  without them because we scared our feet might suffer if we pound on hard pavement when we go out. But too often, we choose shoes for style rather than comfort and function. Good shoes are part of the good care our perfect feet deserve.

Unfortunately, those pretty shoes made these days are narrower in the front than the foot is. So being women, we tend to forget comfort should actually comes first before fashion. You can check whether the shoes are narrower in front or not by standing on a paper and tracing around your bare foot. Compare the outline of your foot with the sole of your shoes. If your show appears too narrow, you may be inviting problems to your feet.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. For the love of fashion, I ended up having sore and skin breakdown at my sole and toes. It’s painful and totally ridiculous. I ended up not having a good day out because of that fancy shoes which hurt my lovely feet.


Choose shoes that feel comfortable because you are the best judge of that. Comfort also depends on a shoe’s heel height and construction. High heels shouldn’t be worn too long as they often lead to calluses,aggravate bunions, cause spider veins, posture problem or backache more likely. Shoes should let your feet sorta ‘breathe’ – leather is the best on top of every othger choices.

Find the perfect fit. Just like Cinderella trying the glass shoe… Go ahead and walk in them before you buy it. If they are not comfortable, please forget them and find another one.

Don’t count on shoes stretching with wear. If you are already own shoes that are too tight, ask your shoe repair shop to stretch them. Feet spread with age so. have both of your feet measured. Often both our feet are different in size. Always buy for bigger size.

Shop for shoes in the late afternoon. Why? It is because feet sewll to their largest at that time.

Always try the shoes that you’re going to buy. Do not insist on wearing one size because you always wear that size. Size depends on shoe make and style. Make sure the toe box is roomy enough so that you can wiggle all your toes.

Remember, you fore-foot should not be wider than your shoes and the heels should fit snugly and the instep should not gape open.

Choose a leather shoes if you have enough bread because they breathes like skin and mould your feet. But canvas works fine for fast-growing children.

Find the soles with cushion. If you don’t have any, go and buy.There are a lot for example made by Scholl. In-soles should be cushioned to absorb the jolts of walking on hard surfaces.

Arch supports distribute weight over a wider area. Rigid shanks also give added support. High heels should not be worn for too long or for a lot of walking. Besides cramping the toes, they change body posture and worsen backaches.


Soles should be strong and flexible with a good gripping surface. Be sure to replace your athletic shoes periodically. The thread may wear down and the shoes may lose much of their shock absorbency. I will write about sneakers in my next post.

easy to walk in...

easy to walk in...

i just love this shoes wheel!

i just love this shoes wheel!