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Easy Way To Lose A Pound In A Week

February 12th, 2010

Simple food swaps , cutting back on high calorie treats and pushing yourself to be a little more active can help you achieve realistic , long-term weight loss . Mix & match these tips & you will look and feel more slimmer with minimum effort .

Say no to crisps

This is one of the most popular snacks , but a regular 40 g bag has around 200 g of fat . Even lighter versions come in at slightly over half of that amount.So if you stopped having a bag each day at work , you’d save at least 500 calories a week .

Avoid large portions

A large burger , fries and fizzy drink will beasily stack up to 1000 calories , if not slightly more . If you can’t cut them out , at least opt for the regular or small sizes which will cut the calories in half .

Watch what you drink

On a night out , three 175 ml glasses of white wine will cost you nearly 400 calories . Three spritzers will be half that . A half pint of stronger lager clocks up around 160 calories , while a half ordinary strength is about 80 calories . Steer clear of cocktails too – a pina colada is easily 225 calories , while a vodka & slimline is just 60 .

On your bike

Eco-friendly , fun and jolly good exercise , an hour’s cycling should take care nearly 500 calories .

Sandwich swap

If you have a little low fat salad cream in your lunchtime sandwich instead of lashings of butter , you could save up to 500 calories during your working week .

Rethink your Saturday night take-away

Choose chicken chow mein and boiled rice over sweet and sour chicken and fried rice , you’ll save around 500 calories .

Walk more

If you walk to work , the shops or just for fun ( but at a reasonably brisk pace ) you’ll burn up around 250 calories an hour .

Wash the car

Save money & burn energy by valeting your car . Wash it , polish it & vacuum it inside and you’ll use up a few hundred calories .

Have a skinnier coffee

You could save yourself 170 calories if you opted for a regular white coffee , made with skimmed milk , rather than a cappucino made with full fat milk .

Party snacks

Think such small little nibbles don’t count ? If you had two tablespoons of tzatziki dip that would add up to 40 calories . Two tablespoons of taramasalata , however , is 130 calories . Thick meat pate on French bread can cost you about 250 calories , whereas a small helping of smoked salmon on rye bread is mere 130 calories . A cocktail sausage is around 70 calories . Wrap it in pastry & serve it as a sausage roll & you’re looking at 200 calories .

5 Easy Peasy Food Resolutions !

February 6th, 2010

If you promised yourself you’d shape up your diet,here are the five easiest and healthiest habits to start today.

First thing , if it has a label , don’t eat it. Spend less time reading the fine print for calories and grams of fat by eating stuff that has no label.Whole fruits,vegetables,bulk grains and foods that haven’t been chemically altered have no labels.

Second would be , when in doubt , saute with garlic.Just chop up your veggies and saute them with olive oil,garlic and salt.This works for everything,If it’s something hard, like brocolli stalks or buttternut squash , simply cut the vegetable up really small.

Next , keep a food journal. It’s a powerful reality check of what goes into your mouth.You can also write down what’s going on in your life to determine when you tend to overindulge.

Fourth step, check ‘em grains. Trade refined carbs e.g. white pasta and white rice for brown rice ,barley,spelt,millet ,quinoa and buckwheat.

Last but not least ,create a salad bar in your fridge.After buying your greens, immediately wash,chop and store them, and make a week’s worth of salad dressing. Assemble your salad each morning before work !

Why size matters

January 24th, 2010

It’s not just what you eat that counts on the road to losing weight,it’s about how much you eat too.How does your sense of portion control measure up?

What do you think a portion size of say,breakfast cereal or meat should be? I hope you’re sitting down because it will probably be a shock.I know it is to me every time i see the particular truth in black and white!

According to healthy eating guidelines,a serving of breakfast cereal should be one ounce and a serving of meat should be two to three ounces.Cereal belongs to the food group of which we can have 6-11 servings a day,but it could be very easy to eat and nuts,should be contributing 2-3 servings a day to our diet.Again,it’s astonishing how quickly that can add up.

Here’s a checklist of the sorts of foods we should be eating for healthybalance of nutrients.It gives a range for the number of daily serving (e.g. 6-11 servings).The upper end of range really intended only for a very active man;most of us,especially sedentary women,should took to the lower end.There are also a few handy little visual ideas of what that amount looks like.It helps to get good at estimating these by eye because you can’t carry around a set of scales everywhere you go.Well,you could,but it would look a little obsessive.

Bread,cereal,rice and pasta - 6-11 servings

A serving is :

1 slice of bread (the size of an audio cassette tape)

1 small bread roll

2 heaped tablespoons of boiled rice

3 heaped tablespoons of boiled pasta

2 crispbreads

2 egg-sized potatoes

3 tablespoons of dry porridge oats

Fruit and vegetables - 2-4 servings of the former,3-5 servings of the latter

This is based on US recommendations.In the UK,the suggested amount of fruit and vegetables is ‘at least 5′ a day.

A serving is :

2-3 small pieces of fruit,such as plums

1 heaped tablespoon of dried fruit such as raisins

1 medium-sized piece of fresh fruit suchas half of a grapefruit or a melon

1 side salad,the size of a cereal bowl

3 heaped tablespoons of cooked vegetables such as carrots

Meat,fish,eggs,nuts,dry beans - 2-3 servings a day

A serving is :

60-90 g (2-3 ounces) of cooked lean meat,poultry or fish.This the size of a deck cards or the palm of your hand.

150 g (5 ounces) of white fish (or three fish fingers)

120 g(4 ounces) of soya,tofu or quorn

5 tablespoons of baked beans

2 tablespoons of nuts and nut products

Milk,yoghurt and cheese - 2-3 servings a day

A serving is :

200 ml milk

1 small pot of yoghurt

90 g (3 ounces) of cottage cheese

30 g (1 ounce) of cheddar or other hard cheese.This is roughly the size of matchbox.