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Get firm and toned

February 21st, 2010

If you wish to stay slim and graceful for your whole life, it’s time to get powerful.

Let’s begin with a few facts about muscles. The amount of muscle you have determines how many calories your body uses when you’re inactive. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Many studies show just 500 gram of muscle burns 30 calories a day just being there, whereas 500 gram of fat burns just 2 calories a day! Hence, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Regular weight training can increase your basal metabolic rate ( BMR ) by as much as 15%. Your BMR is the rate at which your body burns calories even when just sitting down, sleeping and breathing; the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Then there are the bone-strengthening benefits of weight training. Studies show that after six months of weight training, your spine bone mineral density could increase by 13%. If you have better bones, they will help to boost your posture and make you look leaner. Besides, regular weight training can help lower your blood pressure, fight diabetes and improve your mood.

Lean muscle also fills out your skins, so saggy cellulite tissue could be transformed into neat, toned, taut buttocks in a matter of weeks. As you work on building and firming your muscles and reducing body fat, this effectively helps to lift the skin, which can help prevent that puckering that takes place when the fibres pull downwards. This means an end to the soft, flabby skin that is a part of growing older. Recently, there is a study that found about 70% of women said their cellulite improved in just six weeks by doing weight training in their legs.

The problem with muscle is that when we reach our late thirties, we start losing it — about 250 gm of muscle a year according to some figures. That means you risk losing 2.5 kg of muscle while gaining 7.5 kg of fat every ten years if you don’t do anything to counter the muscle loss. So if you were to carry on eating the same amount of food, you inevitably gain weight.

What to do about it?

Our aim is to build in three sessions of resistance work a week. To get the benefits, you need to work until the muscles are fatigued. If you need to do dozens of repetitions to get to that stage, then you need heavier weights (more resistance) .

Even using your own body weight as resistance counts, so you can even build your muscles at home — good exercises include sit-ups, press-ups, lunges and squats. The lunge is a good exercise to master and can be done without weights to begin with. Stand with your feet together holding dumbbells by your sides with your palms facing in. Take one step forward with your right leg. With your right foot on the floor, slowly lower your left knee towards the floor, keeping your right knee at a 90-degree angle and your back straight. Press into your right foot and push yourself back to the starting position. Repeat on the other leg. Aim for twelve, building up to two or three sets over time.

Turn your daily walk or cycle into an effective resistance workout by incorporating hills or walking with an ankle or wrist weights.

Gym-based classes such as step, spinning or body conditioning involve resistance work.

If you want to build your muscle, you should cut back on fatty foods.

Eat more lean protein as it will help your body to repair the muscle fibers you may have damaged along the way. You can have chicken, tofu, lentils or nut.

Say no to margarine, butter or cheese spread. Swap those with mustard as spreads. Use tuna or low-fat turkey ham as fillings for your sandwiches.

Really really cut down one RED MEAT.

Keep away from food preserved in oil. Stick to brine or fresh water instead.

Drink clear broth or vegetable soup rather than creamy ones.

How to kickstart weight loss without even trying hard

February 13th, 2010

  • Have your breakfast — as long as it’s not a fatty fry-up. Experts have found that dieters who eat a high-fibre breakfast lose more wight than dieters who skip breakfast.
  • Have five portions of fruit and veg a day — make them a priority before you have anything else because you’ll feel fuller, eat less and will get more nutrients into your diet.
  • Never say never to treats – When you deprive yourself from some favorite food or treats, often you become rebellious and end up bingeing. Instead, have a teaspoon or just a little amount of that food. Learn how to savor instead of scoff.
  • Eat snacks every two hours– obviously healthy snacks…duh…like pita bread, fruits, nuts or yogurt. Beside keeping your blood sugar level steady, you’ll less hungry and yeah less likely to reach for cakes and chocs.
  • Watch your portions – some people swear they eat healthily yet never lose weight. Huge portions may be the problem. You should be aiming for no more than a fistful of carbs and protein at one meal. But fill up with plenty of veggies.

Easy Way To Lose A Pound In A Week

February 12th, 2010

Simple food swaps , cutting back on high calorie treats and pushing yourself to be a little more active can help you achieve realistic , long-term weight loss . Mix & match these tips & you will look and feel more slimmer with minimum effort .

Say no to crisps

This is one of the most popular snacks , but a regular 40 g bag has around 200 g of fat . Even lighter versions come in at slightly over half of that amount.So if you stopped having a bag each day at work , you’d save at least 500 calories a week .

Avoid large portions

A large burger , fries and fizzy drink will beasily stack up to 1000 calories , if not slightly more . If you can’t cut them out , at least opt for the regular or small sizes which will cut the calories in half .

Watch what you drink

On a night out , three 175 ml glasses of white wine will cost you nearly 400 calories . Three spritzers will be half that . A half pint of stronger lager clocks up around 160 calories , while a half ordinary strength is about 80 calories . Steer clear of cocktails too – a pina colada is easily 225 calories , while a vodka & slimline is just 60 .

On your bike

Eco-friendly , fun and jolly good exercise , an hour’s cycling should take care nearly 500 calories .

Sandwich swap

If you have a little low fat salad cream in your lunchtime sandwich instead of lashings of butter , you could save up to 500 calories during your working week .

Rethink your Saturday night take-away

Choose chicken chow mein and boiled rice over sweet and sour chicken and fried rice , you’ll save around 500 calories .

Walk more

If you walk to work , the shops or just for fun ( but at a reasonably brisk pace ) you’ll burn up around 250 calories an hour .

Wash the car

Save money & burn energy by valeting your car . Wash it , polish it & vacuum it inside and you’ll use up a few hundred calories .

Have a skinnier coffee

You could save yourself 170 calories if you opted for a regular white coffee , made with skimmed milk , rather than a cappucino made with full fat milk .

Party snacks

Think such small little nibbles don’t count ? If you had two tablespoons of tzatziki dip that would add up to 40 calories . Two tablespoons of taramasalata , however , is 130 calories . Thick meat pate on French bread can cost you about 250 calories , whereas a small helping of smoked salmon on rye bread is mere 130 calories . A cocktail sausage is around 70 calories . Wrap it in pastry & serve it as a sausage roll & you’re looking at 200 calories .