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NEON no go !

February 20th, 2010

Through bright shades are pretty and fun , they are not for all occasions ! Here are some instances :

No Go 1 :

Anytime when the sun is still high , sparkly bright make-up looks great at a party but worn during the day on a coffee run to the cafe can look a tad bit crappy and maybe desperate !

No go 2 :

Going for job interviews , meeting a new client or attending official government-related functions . The last thing you want is for them to judge you based on the pink neon mascaras you have on .

No go 3 :

When you have a big zit on your face . As bright shades draw attention to the face , you’ll be inviting the world to stare at your blemish . It’s best to go neutral until after the inflammation has subsided and dissapeared .

How to kickstart weight loss without even trying hard

February 13th, 2010

  • Have your breakfast — as long as it’s not a fatty fry-up. Experts have found that dieters who eat a high-fibre breakfast lose more wight than dieters who skip breakfast.
  • Have five portions of fruit and veg a day — make them a priority before you have anything else because you’ll feel fuller, eat less and will get more nutrients into your diet.
  • Never say never to treats – When you deprive yourself from some favorite food or treats, often you become rebellious and end up bingeing. Instead, have a teaspoon or just a little amount of that food. Learn how to savor instead of scoff.
  • Eat snacks every two hours– obviously healthy snacks…duh…like pita bread, fruits, nuts or yogurt. Beside keeping your blood sugar level steady, you’ll less hungry and yeah less likely to reach for cakes and chocs.
  • Watch your portions – some people swear they eat healthily yet never lose weight. Huge portions may be the problem. You should be aiming for no more than a fistful of carbs and protein at one meal. But fill up with plenty of veggies.

Inspiring ads

February 9th, 2010