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Make It Natural

February 17th, 2010

A little bit of powder , a little bit of paint … but at what cost ? Look closely at what’s lurking in your make-up bag .

Hmmm … Do you ever think about what cosmetics you are putting on your face beyond whether the colour matches your outfit or eyes ?

You may be surprised when you realise what your make-up contains . Coal tar colours , benzene , even formaldehyde , are just a few of the synthetic chemicals commonly found in everyday cosmetics .These toxins are , of course , absorbed into your skin every time you use conventional eye shadow , foundation , maskara , blusher , and lipstick . It has even been claimed that some of substances confuse hormone receptors and alter cell structure . If you avoid unpleasant chemicals in your diet then it makes sense to also try and avoid them , wherever possible , when you are choosing your make-up .

The Alternatives …

There are organic alternatives available for almost anything , and new companies are being set up all the time to fulfil growing demand . A growing number of manifacturers do not use synthetic or petroleum derived ingredients  , GMO ingredients or irradiated products . They use organic ingredients and do not use animal or animal slaughter by products .

Greenpeople stock a range of certified organic lipsticks , using organic coconut oil , jojoba oil and cupuacu butter ( the produce of tropical rainforest tree similar to cacao ) . Nvey Eco UK have a fabulous range of organic make-up with a wide variety of colours . If you carry out an internet search , you will find many other alternatives available , such as LoveLula , Logona and Suncoat .

But … The problem is that , at present , most of this organic make-up is not available in high-street stores , but actually has to be bought online . That removes the pleasureable buzz of looking at new colours and samples , and makes it harder to choose appropriate colours . Life’s hard without a range of testers in front of you ! However , it’s worth it in the long run to know that you have bought quality make-up containing safe ingredients. I make a point of asking where the organic make-up is in shops so that they know there is a demand for organic products . It hasn’t worked yet , but if we all ask , we’ll get there !

How to kickstart weight loss without even trying hard

February 13th, 2010

  • Have your breakfast — as long as it’s not a fatty fry-up. Experts have found that dieters who eat a high-fibre breakfast lose more wight than dieters who skip breakfast.
  • Have five portions of fruit and veg a day — make them a priority before you have anything else because you’ll feel fuller, eat less and will get more nutrients into your diet.
  • Never say never to treats – When you deprive yourself from some favorite food or treats, often you become rebellious and end up bingeing. Instead, have a teaspoon or just a little amount of that food. Learn how to savor instead of scoff.
  • Eat snacks every two hours– obviously healthy snacks…duh…like pita bread, fruits, nuts or yogurt. Beside keeping your blood sugar level steady, you’ll less hungry and yeah less likely to reach for cakes and chocs.
  • Watch your portions – some people swear they eat healthily yet never lose weight. Huge portions may be the problem. You should be aiming for no more than a fistful of carbs and protein at one meal. But fill up with plenty of veggies.

How to eat?

February 9th, 2010

If you want to be beautiful, start by taking a hard look at yourself and ask yourself “Could you shed a few pounds?”

It’s going to be hard to be beautiful or to even feel beautiful if you don’t even believe in yourself and feel in control of your weight.

But weight itself is a distraction. Why?

Well, for if you are within a healthy parameters for your height, being obsessed with losing weight could be just a way of never being happy with yourself.

Work out if you are worrying unnecessarily.

Try to motivate yourself… Well, like me I always put a poster of a sexy hottie next to my mirror and in front of my threadmill and at times I hang out with my friends who have hot bods. That’s how I keep myself focus.

Take a look at your Body Mass Index or in short we called it BMI. Your BMI is basically your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared.

Say you are 60kg and your height is 1.6m,

Your BMI = Weight (kg) divided by (Height x height in meter)

What is the range like?

Less than 18.5 = underweight

18.5 – 24.9 = HEALTHY WEIGHT

25 – 29.9 = overweight

30 – 34.9 = obese

35 – 39.9 = very obese

40 or more = extremely obese

If your BMI is more than 25, it’s time to shift some fat.

Start with making some changes to your diet such as substitute processed, refined carbs – yeah all your pasta, white bread or cakes for whole grains.

Eat more protein and less of the wrong kinda fats.

Get your sport gear on and start exercising say for about 45 minutes session for three times per week.

If you hate running or jogging, try brisk walking or riding the elliptical trainer.