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Transform your relationship

January 16th, 2009

I feel like Dr Phil or more like Dr Love when I discuss this kind of topic. These are three easy changes that will make a good relationship GREAT!

  • Talk yourself up

communicate more so that both parties talk the same language

communicate more so that both parties talk the same language

Relationships flourish when we are happy in ourselves. Whether it’s catching up new movie in cinema or cooking a fabulous dinner, do things that will give yourself  as well as your relationship a boost.

  • Say thank you


He may not buy you flowers ( well, my hubby said they were such a waste… ouch! )  but did you notice the cup of tea he just made you? Small acts of thoughtfulness speak louder than grand gestures. Look out for them and tell him how much they mean to you. It doesn’t hurt your ego or cost you a penny to say thank you!

  • Listen up

When your partner comes to you with a problem, take a moment to consider what he needs from you. Is it empathy, a solution or just a different perspective? Respond in a way that will work for him.


  • Go it alone

Wanting to learn something  without him doesn’t mean your relationships is in trouble. Research shows the more supportive our partner, the more independent we are. Take my husband for example. I get through fight against obesity and unhappiness because of him. He’s always there even during the time my weight bounce back. Thanks hun!

  • Get connected


Connect with someone emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Do not disregard one and expect a relationship to work.

  • Stop looking for ‘ perfect ‘

Expect difficulties and always open your mind to find ways to overcome them. Running away when your relationship is in trouble is totally uncool!  Trust me, if you keep running away every time problems sets in… you are not allowing the relationship to reach a place with any depth.

Does this ring the bell? Anyone?

Does this ring the bell? Anyone?

  • Stop nit – picking



Try to minimize on nit – picking or finding fault in each others. I changed from being a bitch who always nag and wanting my hubby to be so called ‘ Mr. Perfect ‘ ( and vice versa ) . Those acts create tensions between us. You are not your partner. Communication is important. You need someone who can deal with you when you throw wobbly and to comfort you when you’re upset.

Good luck!

When you’re sexy to men?

January 15th, 2009

Honestly, I don’t know until I did some reading. I thought when women wear sexy stuff like lingerie or bikini, that is the time men find them sexier or perhaps when they are naked. I was wrong. Based on my surveys, men doesn’t find them sexy because there’s no more ‘ part ‘ to be revealed. The excitement has lost it appeals.

Forget about heavy barbie – doll make ups and spanx pants or even smooth shaved legs – sometimes it seems, us gals have just got it going on!


The science of sex has long been pondered by Mensa types and some studies by others on attraction and love. These are four most valuable lessons every woman can learn about what makes her undeniably sexy to men.


Women who sent out ‘ courtship signal ‘ ( hair – flipping ) were  approached by men more compare to the non – flippers. So girls, you don’t have to try hard to make a guy notice you out of the groove . You don’t have to compete with the extroverts at the parties, try signalling on a solitory man at an art gallery or at a coffee shop. That may be where you shine.

She got natural vibes!

She got natural vibes!


Something to celebrate all average jane out there! Guys don’t wish we looked like catwalk models. Researchers at University of Texas, several men drawings of female body types and most of them draw curvy, medium – weight figure most attractive.

On stupid say no to all food diet

On stupid say no to all food diet


Female volunteers were asked to wear one T – shirt while ovulating and another during the non – fertile phase in a studies. Men were asked to sniff the T – shirts and guess what ?? They preferred the ones worn during ovulation without knowing why. The reason behind this is oestrogen which surges just before ovulation that promotes healthy glow, so your body is signalling to men ” Hey handsome, it’s baby – making time! ”

She's ovulating

She's ovulating


Researchers showed a set of photos to people who knew the subjects, then to volunteers who didn’t. Those who knew and liked the people in the picture found them better looking. In conclusion, the studies proved the more we know someone, the more attractive we find them. So the more a man loves you, the sexier you are to him. Giddy up girls!

loves you? LOL

loves you? LOL

Fitness routine tips

January 13th, 2009

This plan works because it’s easy to follow, plenty of variety and it gives you exactly what you need in order to get the body you want. Each week, do the Body weight circuit twice to firm up stubborn wobbles and try to mix it up with either one of these exercise I will mention later on alternate day.

A MUST DO : Body weight circuit

Do 3 sets of each exercise ( in this order ) twice a week.

  • Press – ups x 15 reps

feels like in the army training... LOL

feels like in the army training... LOL

  • Step – ups x 15 reps


  • Plank for 1 minute

this strengthen your core muscles

this strengthen your core muscles

  • Squats x 15 reps

lower! and lower!

lower! and lower!

  • Lunges x 15 reps


Do one of these activities once a week

High Intensity

  • Running ( 3 minutes fast, then 1 minute slow, repeat 5 times.


  • Cycling ( 25 minutes hard resistance then rest for a minute go for light resistance for 10 minutes )
  • Body pump class ( 45 minutes )


  • Skipping ( 20 minutes at the rate that make you out of breath )

Medium intensity

  • Swimming ( 30 – 45 minutes )


  • Light jogging or power walk 20 minutes
  • Cross trainer ( 20 – 30 minutes on medium level like at the intensity level of 5 – 7 ).

Low intensity

  • Walking for 60 minutes
  • Pilates or yoga for 60 minutes


  • Dancing for 60 minutes