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A Part-time Vegan

November 29th, 2008

Hello everybody!

I’ve came across the word vegan today many many times until i decided to write about it. Vegan has become a trend as well these day with all the famous celebs becoming vegan – Avril Lavigne, Orlando Bloom, Pamela Anderson, Hayden Panettiere and many others…

For those who is not familiar what a vegan is…well , it means a person who does not consume or use use animal products of any kind.

I love eating all types of food and junk…lol

When I clean up my kitchen of wash the dishes, I always see something that scares shit hell out of me…I see fat… Omg, fats from the chicken or the beef are like the hardest thing to get rid off. It won’t come out if you just flush with water. You need to scrubbed hard then it will go off. I can imagine how they stick in our arteries. Gosh, my patient pay couple of thousands just for the stenting because their arteries are blocked since they eat meat everyday.

But me being born as a carnivore…uhhh, it’s hard for me to totally givinng up on meat. So I decided to become a part-time vegan. At this point, I bet some of the animal are grateful…maybe they are saying hooray!

What is a part-time vegan? Well, according to my vocabulary, I refer that to someone who is “almost vegan” and eat MOSTLY fruits, veggies and nuts HOWEVER indulges in meat sometimes.

I tried becoming a total vegan before but I feel deprived. Perhaps I love all sorts of food. But I do feel like I get the benefit of vegan diet without feeling deprived when I started to do part-timing. Well, it’s like vegan in training…hahaha…

What is my motivation?

According to the Environmental Nutrition  Newsletter, vegan diets are lower in calories, total fat content, saturated fat and cholestrol and include more nutrients. Not only it makes you feel better but at the same time you have more energy and you lose weight!

How do I part-timing? Well either I choose to be a whole day vegan 2 or 3 days in a week or I do like this…

I normally choose I called it ‘core-meal’ to have meat in it ( fish, eggs, cheese, chicken or beef ).Only once in a day.

For example,

Breakfast – 2 chicken patties,cheese or sausages with scrambled eggs and lotsa veggies and a fruit juice with no added sugar.

Lunch – rice ( the portion should be just about your fist size ),tofu and veggies and fruits.

Don’t eat more than 2 fruits in one shot because your glocose levels will shoot up.

Dinner – mix veggie soup ( brocoli, cauliflower, green peas and carrots or babycorn ) or any soup with 1 small bread.

Supper – a low fat yogurt like Anlene low-fat yogurt. Trust me it helps to clean your bowel and make your bowel and stomach feel cleaner.

Otherwise for brekkie, eat smoothie or fruits.

Don’t forget to eat adequate amount of protein, calcium and calories. Drink calcium enriched soymilk in your smoothies and add tofu or fruits in your salads or soup.

Eat more grains and beans or corn because normally they take longer time to digest or sometimes undigestable. So, your guts burns the energy and fat to try and digest the corn for example.

When you indulge in meat, try to choose fish with omega -3 like tuna or salmon rather than eating red meat..that’s is a suicidal in a slower pace…

For a healthy younger you, eat one tab of multivitamin once a day at least.

Happy eating everybody!

Why bother to exercise?

November 12th, 2008

Yeah why bother exercise? Nowadays living in this fast -paced moving world people tend to find a shortcut..a quick solution…I was one of them too last time.Now that I think about it again, I find it very ridiculous and stressfull…I wondered if those quick solutions are working out, then why are they still rich people who is having lotsa extra baggage on their body? Not that they cannot afford the so called quick solutions i mentioned but think carefully…why?..I think i let u do your thinking but I am here posting this to you the reasons why you should be exercising by now…maybe this will wake you minds up…LOL..i sound so serious..hahaha….

  1. If you’re exercising 2-3 times a week, you are improving the efficiency of your heart and lungs; increasing vitality and decreasing body fat.
  2. The aerobic exercise you do will help to minimize fat stores and decrease bad cholestrol.
  3. To burn fat, improve posture & shape as well as delay the onset of ageing, you need to weight train 2-3 times per week.
  4. If you stop training, you could lose up to 50% of your strength by the age of 65. Losing half your strength is like carrying someone of your own weight around on your back all day.
  5. Crash diets are costly, ineffective and potentially harmful. Keep exercising regularly to increase your metabolic rate and burn fat while your exercise and when you rest.
  6. To avoid the risk of joint injury and increase long term flexibility and mobility you need to include stretching in your exercise program.
  7. As little as20-30 minutes exercise 2-3 times per week is sufficient to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of hypertension.
  8. Regular training and other vigorous activity helps men to prolong life and provides the tonic for a better sex life.
  9. If you are training with weights on a regular basis you can  reduce or reverse the process of calcium loss in bones and the onset of osteoporosis.
  10. A balanced exercise program and sensible diet will increase your energy levels and your ability to cope with pressure so reducing stress.

There you go…There are 10 reasons on why you should be exercising…Hurry up!


kay amir xoxo!

Green tea for weight loss

November 12th, 2008

Due to its properties which helps people to maintain god health and lood circulation as well as the ability to help in weight loss, gren tea has been made popular and been used in many forms from soap to even starbuks greentea and green tea ice cream…my goodness…yummy!

Research shows green tea does have efficacy as a weight-loss aid.This is partially due to its caffeine content which act on the sympathetic nervous system to increase catecholamine for example epinephrine and norepinephrine production.Catecholamines facilitate the release of free fatty acids from adipocytes (the fat cells) by allowing fat to  be utilized for short term energy for up to several hours after digestion.

Green tea is more than just a caffeine fix.It contains unique compounds called catechins which helps to increase metabolism.Catechins inhibit an enzyme which responsible to degrade norepinephrine therefore allowing this powerful enzyme to circulate in our body.Hence,the resting energy expenditure is greater than during the time you consume caffeine alone.

Now, that said, green tea isn’t a miracle drink!..huhuhu..( coz I was once thought it WAS…:p ). sO DON’T expect to guzzle gallons of green tea yeah and just sit back and relax while hoping it will help melting all your expensive sorage of fat away. Weight loss will be modest, perhaps a few pounds over time. But drink a metabolic-enhancing properties like green tea considering it can replete vitamins and antioxidants will definitely help your process of losing weight and maintain your body in its peak condition. There is also evidence in the newspaper ( but i couldnt remember when and which paper coz it was like a few years ago ) telling that it works to increase bone density and stave off cardiovascular disease by 57%!

From my experience, my reading and well yeah what i shared with some fitness trainers and friends, green tea should be consumed before exercise to delay musular fatigue. It should be consumed hot but not cold because the effectiveness or shall I called “absorbtion” of the green tea is about 50%-70% if consumed during hot compared to drink when cold it is only up to 40% max.

Try to buy the green tea the dry leafy type not the processed one like in the tea bag.

People, make sure you guys drink your green tea plain and try to abstain from consuming it several hours before bedtime a sit is a caffeinated produc so it can interfere with your circadian rhythms and throw your sleep/wake cycle out of whack. Otherwise, drink it nd enjoy the effects but dont forget to exercise!

So as the chinese says, YAMCA!  it means glass up!