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Eat to stay slim

June 26th, 2008

Have you ever heard of yo-yo diet? I used to follow this kind of diet. Surprisingly, I notice a significant lost of weight in the first week itself. Everything start to loosen up… my pants, jeans, shirt …omg! However the weight loss isn’t true weight loss instead, it can be attributed by the loss of water which mark up 70% of your body constitution.

But hey all, today i went shopping. Guess what?

I lost two sizes. I bought a pair of black skinny jeans. I used to wear size 16 about 5months ago. Now, I am size 12. I think it’s pretty amazing!

Here are some tipsto help you stay satisfied, not totally full but yeah at least not bloated…LOL.. and to stop that naughty out-of-control cravings.


Please ladies and gents…please eat eat regularly. If not,you’ll find yourself on an emergency hunt for food and unable to make healthy choices. Take the old me as an example. I realised when I start yo-yo dieting, go on hungry with one meal once a day… after a while, I got sick of this growling stomach. Hence, I took a revenge. I ate as much as my stomach. I was bloated feeling like a fat pig. Trust me…then comes the guilt…owh yeah it will be there for a while until I see another food. So, all I am saying is that don’t ever skip your meal. Eat regularly but in a smaller amount. Say 40% of carbohydrate, 30% protein and 20% fat. Take even the snack or tea break.


Food with high water content such as watermelon, honey dew, papaya, persimmon can help suppress hunger. You can eat fruits and vegetables in bigger portions for less calories.

Try salad…works for me all the time. Put the tomatoes, carrot, lettuce or crabmeat or whatever you’d like to have and mix with a spoon of mayonaise.

Or steam a broccoli or fresh tomato and eat with bread and two frankfurters. Walla!


University researchers found that high-protein eaters felt more satisfied and less hungry. Furthermore, those who ate 30% of their calories from protein preserved more lean body mass, which includes calorie-burning muscle. Boost your protein intake with a serving of lean protein at each meal like egg whites, chunky light tuna, skinless chicken, beans and chickpeas.


People said by drinking lots of water, your skin will glow and you look fresh. Well, I bet that is true.

First thing in the morning, as your body loses fluid overnight; lets make a habit by drinking about one and a half glass of water early in the morning or as soon as you wake up.

Then always remember to drink another one and a half glass prior to having your meal.

Throughout the day, drink about 1.5 to 2 litres. According to a German study, drinking about 1.5 litres of cold water ( about a glass each time… say 6-8 glasses ) can help you burn up to an extra 50 calories a day, which works out to 2kg a year without exercise…but hey get your lazy bumps working…go out exercise!

Expert says the metabolism boost could be due to the extra effort the body needs to raise the water’s temperature to 37 celcius.

Love yourself,if you don’t…who will?

June 14th, 2008

First and foremost, I’d like to stress out that self-esteem is really2 important.I once lost my self-esteem and i was doomed.Seriously you need to have a high self-esteem to be happy and to be able walk your way through wonderful life.

Here are some tips:

  1. Make a list of what you like about yourself.Recognize and appreciate your abilities as well as positive personality traits.
  2. Learn to love and accept yourself as you are.Accept gracefully what you cannot change.
  3. Do not compare yourself unfavorably with others.You are unique.
  4. Improve your personal appearance by dressing differently, losing weight or changing your hairstyle.
  5. Avoid labelling yourself or indulging in self-criticism.
  6. Practice positive self-talk.
  7. Don’t worry about things beyond your control.Have faith in God and hope for the best.
  8. Do something good for others.You will feel good about yourself when you assist others.
  9. Never belittle yourself.Accept compliment with a “thank you” and a smile.
  10. Ignore any unkind or unjustified comments made by others about you.Unkind remarks are often compliments in disguise or mere manifestations of envy.
  11. Empty your mind of hatred,envy or guilt.Fill it with positive thoughts.Remember that happiness is a state of mind.

Get a flatter stomach

June 13th, 2008

The secret to a firmer,flatter tummy is to combine abdominal exercise with a sensible low-fat diet.For the best result, mix up your exercise routine with exercises that target the various muscles that make up the abdominal region.

Lean flat stomach

To tone and strengthen your upper abdominals, the basic crunch is your best choice.Perform this exercise with your knees bent and back flat on the floor.Raise your chest and shoulders several inches from the ground, exhaling as you come up and inhaling as you release.

Exhale as you rise,inhale as you go down.

To work the obliques, the muscles on the side of the stomach, perform the crunch at alternating angles, reaching with the shoulder ( not the elbow ) across the body to the opposite knee. Repeat on the other side.

To work the lower abdominals, bring the knees up towards the chest, forming a 90 degree angle with the body.Using only the lower abdominals and not the legs or the hip, bring the knees slightly towards the chest as you exhale. Return to the starting position.Remember this is a very small movement, so don’t try to bring the knees up to the face.

Start with 10 repetitions of each exercise and gradually increase your repetitions to 25 as your abdominals become more conditioned.

Unlike other muscles, the abdominals can be exercised everyday.They don’t need a rest day in between workouts because they are not as prone to fatigue or injury, and there is no fear of them getting too big.

Crunches performed slowly and with control provide better results than fast repetitions or quick pulsing movements.